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Leadership Training

A Friday-Saturday training for staff and key leaders at your church or ministry. Includes hands-on training “in the field” on Saturday. We can include leadership students as well.

Spiritual Emphasis at Schools

Many Christian schools have had Jack in for Spiritual Emphasis Weeks where Jack will spend several days on campus preaching and teaching in the classroom. He loves this one on one time with students and multi-day events where students and faculty can be challenged.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are one of Jack’s pastimes and they afford an opportunity for Jack to spend multiple days with students going deeper into topics they are struggling with.

Team Building

A knowledgeable and skilled team of professional staff is critical for success in every organization. Jack provides an extensive range of staff training and development services rooted in best practices and tailored to address the specific issues facing your organization. He will work with staff to build internal effectiveness as well as the team’s effectiveness in facilitating and supporting board and volunteer leadership.


Jack enjoys sharing in a retreat setting so he can have some one on one time with students. Getting away is a great way to help people experience God in a fresh environment.

Sunday Services

Jack has a limited number of Sundays where he can get away to share with your congregation and challenge them in their spiritual walks.

Board Training

Jack understands that there is no “one size fits all“ solution to board training and development. Whether it is facilitating board retreats, sharing knowledge on best practices, honing solicitation skills, or developing frameworks for nomination committees, HSG provides services to maximize board effectiveness.

Mens Conferences

Jack enjoys challenging men to be all that God has called them to be and speaks in a handful of mens’ conferences each year.

Years ago, a well-known mega-church pastor told me, “Loneliness is the hardest part of my ministry.”  He speaks for thousands of ministry leaders and other Christians who struggle with this same dilemma: so many people, so few meaningful relationships.  This book lays out the problem, along with practical solutions, for solving the loneliness dilemma.  If you feel isolated and disconnected, this book will be a lifeline of hope for you.

Jeff LorgPresident, Gateway Seminary

This wonderful book shows the heart of this friend of mine in so many ways. It flows freely from the depth of his real-life experience and deals with the issues we all grapple with as we live out the reality of this life God has given us to live. Jack speaks truth and provides one practical application after another in an effort to encourage and guide every reader.

I wholeheartedly recommend you read this and then pass it along. There are too many of us who need to know we are, in fact, better together!

Don WiltonPastor of First Baptist Church, Spartanburg, Dr. Billy Graham's former pastor

Being better matters. Being together matters. Being better together matters more. Jack shows you how.

Jason Young
Jason YoungAuthor, The Come Back Effect
"Jack Eason is the Real Deal! His delivery of the Word with a clear message captivated the hearts and minds of our students at Louisiana College."
Rick Brewer
Rick Brewer,President of Louisiana College

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