The Loneliness Solution

Alone. Engulfed and submerged under a turbulent and volatile culture.
Author Jack Eason’s humor and life experience, reveal principles which harness the power of community to banish the loneliness killing your spirit. Memorable stories packed with straight-forward solutions. Be encouraged by real friendship and community. Breath connection back into your life!


20/20 Vision in 2020

Some of what we’re going to share are what we would call “no brainer issues.” But sometimes the “common sense” things are what we tend to forget as we run the rat race of managing our nonprofits, heads down, plowing the ground. If some of what you read is a reminder, fantastic. If some of what you read in this book is new material, wonderful. Our hope is that it helps you be effective and fruitful in the mission you to which you are called.

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Crazy Faith

When you read verses like 2 Timothy 1:12 in the Bible, and give them serious thought, the attitude that many of these people in Scripture displayed seems somewhat ludicrous today…maybe even CRAZY. And yet it’s that attitude that led to God doing extraordinary things through extraordinary faith. Maybe that is why today, we see few things that we would describe as “extraordinary.” The purpose of this book is to highlight people from the Scriptures and some modern day Crazy Faith-ers who have exemplified living with Crazy Faith.

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How To Be a Productive and Profitable Non-Profit

In serving non-profits around the country, Mike and Jack have found some constants and similarities among those groups. If we pulled back the curtains on those organizations, we would find some common threads that also make them successful. Prepare to grow, and learn about becoming a profitable and productive nonprofit that accomplishes the mission to which God has called you.

  • Learn how to be a leader.
  • Learn how to tell your story.
  • Find out what donors are looking for.
  • Learn how to make the “ask.”
  • Find out how to fortify your mission.
  • Discover how to earn the trust of your partners.
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Strategic Steps to a Winning Team

Leading Staff, Partners, Volunteers, & Boards

Strategic Steps to a Winning Team will help you consider many different elements needed for you to lead a winning team. Whether you are a board member, executive director, leader, volunteer, team member-you can benefit from reading the steps outlined in this book to help you be a part of a winning team!

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Reboot Church Giving

One Simple Strategy That Radically Increases Church Offering Dollars

Let’s start with six quick questions. Do you need to increase the amount of income your church is receiving? Would you like to meet your weekly budget? Would you like to buy some printer ink cartridges without having to call a special business meeting to approve the purchase? Would you like for people to give generously and automatically? Would you like to see younger people get involved in tithes and offerings? Would you like to know the secrets that the hugely successful para-church organizations are using to garner large quantities of money? Great. You are in the right class. Take out your notebooks. Before we go too far into this discussion, we need to make a full disclosure. Both of the authors are ordained pastors, active in local churches, and are responsible for the fundraising for a mid-sized mission in a developing country. We’ve written numerous books and have made our living helping non-profits garner larger gifts from donors. Our business expertise and success has thrust us into the middle of a great world of major non-profit organizations. We are helping those non-profits raise millions of dollars and in turn, they help us fund our international mission projects. There are plenty of donors and money out there. Our objective is to help you receive a rightful share … and, of course, use that for the cause of the good Gospel.

“Tithing is like training wheels when it comes to giving. It’s intended to help you get started, but not recommended for the Tour de France.”
- John Ortberg, Author

Let’s get right to it. Some might believe that learning how to ask for money seems like a rather carnal ambition. Maybe it does to you. Does going to seminary to learn how to preach a better sermon seem carnal? Does learning how to speak English so you can communicate intelligently seem carnal? If education in one area is wrong, if learning from experience is wrong, if using a disciple-maker coach to help a person develop their God-given potential is wrong, then this book needs to be burned along with the Eagles albums we burned after Sunday night youth group back in our teens. Hotel California and Take It Easy needed to be dealt with by fire.
If you have room to learn and a mind to consider that there may be a more effective way, welcome. If you think that metanoia can work in areas outside of salvation, you are pre-approved to join our discussion. We do call it an ongoing discussion, as connecting with an ever-fluid giving culture will change. Rapidly.
Some might feel they already know how to ask for money well. We might question why that person should even be reading this book. Pastors, like everyone else, often suffer from what psychologists term the Dunning–Kruger effect. It’s a cognitive bias wherein people believe they are much better at doing something than they really are. Why is it that one fundraiser will make a financial ask and receive a 10-percent response and another will present to the same audience and receive a 40-percent response? Let us agree that we can all get better at doing what we already know how to do.

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