The Loneliness Solution

Are you unsettled in your life? Perhaps you feel alone, slowly being engulfed, and you’re disoriented from a culture that is increasingly turbulent and volatile. It’s harder to find encouragement in the storms that life brings us. Voices of compromise are consistently trying to drown out what’s true. You want to remain steadfast, but you’ve grown weary doing life alone.

If that describes you, then this book will share the seven benefits found in real friendship and community that will encourage you to do life with others around you. Friendships and relationships can get you through the hardest times.

In this book filled with humor and drawing on his own life experiences, Jack Eason takes principles from the Scriptures to remind us of the power that comes from doing life together and helps us rise above the surface of confusing clichés. Broken down into simple and memorable chapters, the content is straight-ahead and easy to understand.


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About Jack Eason

Jack loves his family! He is the father of Lauryn and Will and married to an author, Lynette Eason. Jack loves his family, sweet tea, and serving others. He is passionate about helping people understand the impact we can have when we work TOGETHER and solve the issue of loneliness. He travels extensively speaking and enjoys writing, reading, and music.

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Years ago, a well-known mega-church pastor told me, “Loneliness is the hardest part of my ministry.”  He speaks for thousands of ministry leaders and other Christians who struggle with this same dilemma: so many people, so few meaningful relationships.  This book lays out the problem, along with practical solutions, for solving the loneliness dilemma.  If you feel isolated and disconnected, this book will be a lifeline of hope for you.

Jeff Lorg, President, Gateway Seminary

This wonderful book shows the heart of this friend of mine in so many ways. It flows freely from the depth of his real-life experience and deals with the issues we all grapple with as we live out the reality of this life God has given us to live. Jack speaks truth and provides one practical application after another in an effort to encourage and guide every reader.

I wholeheartedly recommend you read this and then pass it along. There are too many of us who need to know we are, in fact, better together!

Don Wilton, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Spartanburg, Dr. Billy Graham's former pastor

Being better matters. Being together matters. Being better together matters more. Jack shows you how.

Jason Young, Author, The Come Back Effect