The Jack Eason Podcast – Episode 011 – Pastor Jared Morey
Some people talk about the problems in a community, some people are very aware of them. And some people choose to do something about them. Jerad Morey is one of those people.
A pastor in Northfield, Minnesota, Jerad saw a need in the community in the winter months. Children had no place to play and the church opened up its gym to meet a need. What happened was truly amazing!
The needs of the children were met, but it also opened up an opportunity to build community and reach out to people.
This intentionality is something that most of us are missing when it comes to defeating loneliness and meeting the needs of others. Maybe the lesson we can learn from Jerad is opening up our eyes to see the needs of those around us.
Pastor Jerad Morey is a bivocational associate pastor at Northfield United Methodist Church in Northfield, Minnesota. He also works in nonprofit management at the Minnesota Council of Churches. Jared has lived in high desert, mountain forest, and vast cityscapes. He attended graduate school in a religion and peace program at Wesley Theological Seminary and American University. He is also very tall.
You can discover more about Jared Morey on Northfield UMC’s website at
Jared is active on Twitter ( and Facebook (

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