The Jack Eason Podcast – Episode 013 – Rashawn Copeland
Rashawn Copeland is a minister who writes and a writer who preaches! He understands we are at times the most connected generation, and yet we all still struggle with being disconnected.
At one time, Rashawn was a ‘hype-man’ in LA who revved up crowds ahead of artists like Soulja Boy.  After his conversion to Christ, Rashawn repurposed his skills to strengthen the church and its members. During that time Rashawn discovered the message behind his book ‘Start Where You Are.’
Through the Scriptures and Stories Podcast, Rashawn Copeland shares ordinary stories from fantastic guests. You will his guests favorite Scriptures and stories of God’s hand in their life.
Rashawn doesn’t do anything halfway – but he’s a part-time evangelist, part-time Army Medical Officer and full-time father. He is truly a carrier of joy and a lover of the Gospel.
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