The Jack Eason Podcast – Episode 008 – Incredible Gift of Worship

The reality is, as a community – especially as a body of believers – one of the awesome benefits about doing life together is the incredible gift of worship.

I recently had the privilege to pinch-hit as a worship leader for a pastor friend of mine in Knoxville, Tennessee. The proposed month-long fill-in serving with Dave Thomas and his congregation evolved into a seven-month stint, but it was well worth the experience.

Speaking with a good friend of mine – Pastor Dave Thomas of Buffat Heights Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee – we take a closer look at some of the ways his church worships. They have done some very creative things to engage their community to draw closer, get to know one another, and to pray for and encourage one another.

Did the intentional efforts pay off? I’ll let Dave tell you about the incredible results!

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