The Jack Eason Podcast – Episode 006 – Our Church Bought a Strip Club
Preston Tippen talks with Jack Eason about the time his church bought a strip club! You read that right… It went from cupcakes for strippers, to cleaning up the ‘dressing room’. Then some of the church members became friends with the ladies.
The church was on board with the project because they knew their efforts were reaching people who would never enter the doors of the church. Preston tells the rest of this amazing story of restoration in their community.
The mission at North Ridge Church is to relationally love people to Christ-centered wholeness.

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Preston Tippen is an adventurer – a person who enjoys or seeks adventure. He’d love to be an adventurer full-time, but has found that relationally loving people to Christ-centered wholeness as a pastor and Christ follower is adventuresome in its own right! To be on an adventure with Christ is his calling and his mission.

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