The Jack Eason Podcast – Episode 002 – Attaboy’s Disappearing

Attaboy’s Ryan Payne joins Jack Eason to talk about the epidemic of loneliness among young people in our culture. Their song ‘Disappearing’ gives voice to that feeling and experience in a way that anyone who has ever felt lonely can connect with the song.

Attaboy believes we live in a culture obsessed with the search for what is “real.” Whether in the demand for public figures to be more honest and genuine, or in the desire for “all natural” products, or the everyday search for authentic, meaningful experiences, one thing rings true: we are a people with a deep longing for the real thing.

Ryan, Jeff, Melanie, and Christian—under their musical collective, Attaboy—have noticed this ubiquitous longing for authentic social and spiritual connection, especially in the years they’ve spent touring coast-to-coast, singing, dancing, and talking with young people. Today’s youth (the “Millennials”) have been labeled by some, “the most cynical and distrusting generation ever recorded,” but Attaboy sees the situation differently.

Their website can be found at

Listen to ‘Disappearing’ now at and read the song’s lyrics.

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