Our Philosophy

Since our beginning over 11 years ago, people keep telling us time after time that we are “different.” They tell us that our “delivery style” is unique, real, and connects with people. They tell us we have a way of inspiring people to go to the next level. We believe our philosophy is the key to that difference. We want to help people strategize their mission, share their story, and learn to shepherd their partners.

Strategize the Mission

The Heart Share team desires to help you and your team (staff, board, volunteers) strategize the mission for your organization. Sometimes organizations haven’t forgotten their mission. Other times, organizations are doing lots of other good things, but not focused on the Main Thing: their mission. We also help organizations figure out the priorities for accomplishing the mission, the requirements to complete the mission, and what the costs will be to achieving the mission. There’s been a lot written on strategies, but in an ever changing world, we help organizations figure out how to adapt with the changing culture with methods that work.

Share Your Story

The organizations that succeed are not the ones doing the best job. Unfortunately, that last statement is true. The organizations that succeed are the ones that do the best job telling their story. We live in a social world. Communications happen in multiple platforms. We have to learn how to effectively tell our story to potential partners that can help fuel our mission. Our team helps you learn how to effectively share your story in multiple platforms and multiple methodologies.

Shepherd Your Partners

Those how help fuel your mission shouldn’t be just a number. Maybe you have been doing ministry for so long you have forgotten the early years of excitement when someone would give you money or write a check to your organization. How are you shepherding your partners? You do realize they could give their hard earned money to any other organization? Are you thankful they choose the one where you serve? Our creativity and over thirty years of combined fundraising experience, coupled with your dedication and hard work will result in a stellar partner program to let your donors know that you care!