Secrets to Friendship Hidden in the Bible

In Drew Hunter’s recent article on the topic of friendship tackles the topic in a surprising way. By looking at what the Bible has to say. Most of today’s advice comes from quick posts or tweets, and are given less thought than it took to write them.

However, when we stop to ask, “What does the Bible say about friendship?” – we find surprising and relevant answers. It would seem that the epidemic of loneliness we face today is a problem as old as time.

Drew touches on ten truths he uncovered while studying the Bible for answers to better friendships.

1. Solitude was the first problem in the world
2. Friendship is a theme throughout the Bible
3. Proverbs is a practical guide to friendships
4. Friendship is a covenant, not a contract
5. Churches benefit from strong friendships
6. The goal of the gospel is friendship
7. Jesus exhibited the most heroic act of friendship on the Cross
8. Our truest friend is Jesus
9. Friendship demonstrates we belong to Jesus
10. Our greatest joy is friendship

This brief overview of these ten insights from the Bible, which help us recover true friendship, are not enough.

I invite you to take a look at the article found in Bible Study Tools.

Source: Bible Study Tools article by Drew Hunter (

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