Loneliness at College

Daphne Armstrong. She remembers when she first came to USC. From the heart of Missouri, she felt a bit out of place in the big city.

“There was some culture shock,” said Armstrong, who is now a junior. “All my roommates were from Southern California and grew up going to USC football games and seemed already so involved in the community.”

To give her a sense of home, she took to Face-timing her family every day, going from calling her mom to her dad to her sister.

“I was always texting and chatting with my friend groups back home instead of putting time and energy into people around me,” she said.

Feeling alone at college — especially freshman year — is nothing new.

Have you ever felt lonely at school?

Do you know anyone who has?

How did you overcome it if you felt this way?

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Source: USC News, “USC tackles ‘loneliness epidemic’ in a world of social media” December 13, 2018 by Joanna Clay

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