Faith Community Playtime

There aren’t a lot of places for small children to play in the small town of Northfield, Minnesota, especially during the cold and snowy winter months. No-one wants to go outside when the temperature is in negative digits.

So, the pastor urged the people of Northfield United Methodist Church to do something about it. After the group purchased several toys for area children, they filled up their gym and opened it up to the community.

Twice a week, young children and their parents or caregivers are invited to stop by for playtime. The church’s carpeted gym is stocked with trikes, slides, tunnels, basketball hoops, balls, and more things that kids enjoy.

Rev. Jerad Morey estimates that forty to fifty families from the community come by for these scheduled playtimes, most of whom were not a part of the church. This is the example of one faith community working together to do something awesome.

What is your faith community doing?

Do you know of a faith community in your area doing something awesome?

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