“Disappearing” Takes Aim At Loneliness Epidemic

With WILD, the Indiana-based Christian music pop/rock band Attaboy will release their sixth full-length album. Their first with Radiate Music.

The album is loaded with infectious pop music which leads Attaboy’s success on radio and kept them touring full-time for years. But before the lights and stage production, you will find the band leading school assemblies.

Each song is infused with purpose targeted at the youth of the culture. WILD features “Waking Up” which combats apathy, and “Fearless” meant to inspire courage. Most important might be the track “Disappearing” which takes aim at the epidemic of loneliness.

Attaboy’s Ryan Payne recently spoke with Jack Eason about the epidemic of loneliness among young people in our culture on the Jack Eason Podcast. Their song ‘Disappearing’ gives voice to that feeling and experience in a way that anyone who has ever felt lonely can connect with the song.

Listen to ‘Disappearing’ now at https://attaboyonline.com/track/1808448/disappearing and read the song’s lyrics.

Source: CCM Magazine, “Attaboy Releases New Album ‘WILD’” by Ross Cluver, September 13, 2019

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