Digital Loneliness
Loneliness seems to be the topic of discussion a lot in the last few months, though, my intrigue and research began over a year ago on this topic. I see it everywhere among many ages. The age bracket that seems to be affected the most and scares me the most is the younger generation.
Stats continue to tell us that lonely individuals die sooner than those who are not. Over the past 50 years single households has doubled so more people are living alone.
I continue to read, as well, about the fears of the younger generation. They are more afraid of being lonely, than losing their job, or even losing their living space. As we continued to get more and more connected on social media, the reality is that we think of contact as relationship and the two are not the same.
Even this week, another article talking about this digital divide has appeared from Victor Rozek. Click here for more details.

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