Thank Your Pastor and Ministry Leaders

For some reason or another, we forget that those God has called to lead us in our faith communities are not super-human, nor are they super-Christian. They’re men and women, prone to sin, but striving to honor God. Just like us. And sometimes they fail way more than they’d like to admit. While there are some egregious acts happening amongst leaders in the church-for which there is no excuse-most pastors I know want to serve their people and honor God with their lives.

More than half of evangelical and Reformed pastors told the Schaeffer Institute in 2015 and 2016 that although they’re happier (79 percent), they don’t have any good and true friends (58 percent).

Have you said THANK YOU to your pastor or ministry leader today?

If not, would you take a moment to pray for him/her or maybe give him/her a call?

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