Full Exposure – Being Vulnerable in Relationships

When you choose to be vulnerable with the people closest to you, you have to understand that not everyone will reciprocate. There is no safe way to live in a healthy relationship with other people. But being vulnerable can lead to stronger, better relationships in your life.

If you don’t sense someone receiving what you are sharing, or even reciprocating those open lines of communication, that might be a warning sign that this might not be a long term healthy relationship.

No. You do not need to expose all your junk to everyone. But, you should consider exposing some level of vulnerability to everyone. If you are a leader, a manager, a CEO, a principal, a teacher, a parent – if you have influence in other’s lives – then let people see you. Take yourself and others off the pedestal, and let people see you. Build bridges by living in honesty.

Timothy Eldred is a seasoned pastor, author, speaker, and unrelenting voice for releasing people’s potential with a reputation for challenging the status quo.

Tim offers a free resource, It’s All About Relationships™, at timothyeldred.com and you can follow him on social media @timothyeldred.


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