Be Brave. Be Kind. Be You.
Be Brave. Be Kind. Be You. That’s the phrase Author/Speaker Nicole Phillips wants everyone to carry away from her podcast and website.
Sometimes it is easy to believe there is more bad in the world than good. Nicole has discovered that simply is not true! She and her team are out to prove it!
Through her Kindness is Contagious column, Nicole presents evidence each week that kindness is contagious. People from all over the country have sent her stories about acts of kindness which they have performed.
These people can’t help but gush about how great performing acts of kindness makes them feel. But what surprises most are those times when they received a kind deed at just the right moment.
Nicole is the author of two books, Kindness is Contagious: 100 Stories to Remind You God is Good and So are Most People and Kindness is Courageous: 100 Stories to Remind You People Are Brave + Kind.
Nicole Phillips has her own podcast, The Kindness Podcast, which you can find at
For more on Nicole Phillips, you can visit her on Facebook at


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