Gotta Have Faith!

Gotta Have Faith!

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” -Hebrews 11:1

LIKE MANY PEOPLE, I enjoy starting my day at the local coffee shop. The smell of fresh breakfast sandwiches fills the air while the steady hum of conversation surrounds me. People sip on their favorite “- chinos” and laugh with one another. The atmosphere is comfortable, even cozy. From my perspective, no one is worried. Everyone is enjoying one another’s company, and life is great. But that’s not every- one’s reality.
If we could remove the curtain and see backstage into the lives of each person, we would see a more accurate picture. Each person has his or her own challenges, life issues, and difficulties. We would see how we really get through our daily lives, the decisions we make, and the why behind our choices. Ultimately, when everything is stripped away, it comes down to our faith.
The faith we have or don’t have, our belief in the world and the way it works, and our thoughts about life beyond us are the forces that lead us every moment of every day. Some people don’t realize this truth, some do. Regardless, it is our faith in something that guides us, whether that something is God, other people, our careers, our bank accounts, or anything else we trust to get us through life.… continue reading below …

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As I climb into bed at night, my mind makes a list of all the things I need to do the next day: a conference call with a friend, reply by email to one of our mission team members, remind my daughter about an appointment, send some work to another ministry partner … the list goes on. Even the mental exercise of building that list requires faith. Faith that I will wake up in the morning. Faith that my computer will work. Faith that something won’t happen that will prevent me from doing all of the above.
We act in faith every day. Some people may not call it faith, but in reality, that’s what all of us exercise in our daily living. Without faith, why would we want to get out of the bed in the morning? What would be the purpose? We exercise faith because the Creator of the universe built within every human DNA this operational component that causes us to function by using faith. In fact, we can’t function without it. It’s how we run, much like how my car runs on gas. It can’t operate without it. It can sit in the driveway. I can wash it and make it shine. The interior can be nice, and I can even sit in the car and listen to the radio, but it will not run without gas. Our lives are like that. We need that fuel of faith to operate. It’s how God intended it to be.
STEP OUTSIDE or look out your window, and you will see faith in oper-ation all around you. I see birds landing in the yard, pecking at the ground looking for food. Why did they land? They had faith food would be waiting. I see someone running down my street with ear buds in their ears. Why are they running? They are trying to stay in shape, and they have faith that running will help make that happen. It’s different levels of faith, but faith nonetheless.
How is your Faith doing today?
Where do you struggle with faith?

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