Courageous Leadership: Moses

Courageous Leadership: Moses

“Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you.” -Deuteronomy 31:6

MOSES WAS PERHAPS one of the greatest heroes in the Bible. His is one of those stories that tells of the underdog who comes back to be a mighty weapon in the hand of God. His story is full of Crazy Faith.
Long before Moses was born, the children of Israel were living in slavery. Egypt was their homeland. But as the numbers of the Israelites grew, Pharaoh feared they would soon grow into an army that would come to overtake his kingdom. As a result, he put them under extreme bondage and issued a decree that all the male chil- dren were to be killed. It was at this time that Moses was born.
Moses’ mother hid him for the first three months of his life out of fear of him being found and killed by Pharaoh or his army. As her fear increased and Moses’ whereabouts became more likely, she put her three-month-old son in a miniature ark—a basket made of bulrushes—and placed him down by the river bank, praying and believing that he might be found and thus, spared. … continue reading below …

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Little did she know, in God’s divine providence, it would be the Pharaoh’s daughter who would find Moses when she went down to the river to bathe. When Pharaoh’s daughter found the baby, she real- ized he would need someone to nurse him. So she sought out someone to do so. The Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses’ mother and asked her to nurse the child.
God returned Moses to his mother. Amazing.
Often times, when you give up something for God, it results in your blessing.
Have you ever had to give up something for God?
What did it teach you?
How did you respond?


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